Come, Rock the Cradle for Him

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English traditional carol / England (イングランド) 17C
Come, rock the cradle for him,
Come, n the crib adore him,
Dull care, I pray you, bury,
And in the Lord make merry.
‘Sweet little Jesu, Sweet little Jesu.’

And sing, for music-number,
Will lull the babe to slumber:
Your strain be sweet and airy,
Like that of blessed Mary.
‘Sweet little Jesu, Sweet little Jesu.’

Do nothing to annoy him,
But everything to joy him;
For sin, by night or morrow,
Would cause him pain and sorrow.
‘Sweet little Jesu, Sweet little Jesu.’

So at your hour of dying
This babe, in cradle lying.
For he is King supernal
Shall grant you rest eternal
‘Sweet little Jesu, Sweet little Jesu’
Sweet little Jesu.

Audio Track Commentary

"Ensemble Ecclesia" (アンサンブル・エクレジア)の "Old English Carols" (古いイギリスのキャロル) にも収録されている曲。 初めて聞いた時から何故かなんとなく自分たちのバージョンができていた。
(小島 崇)