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I still dance

Lyric 小島 美紀 / Music: 小島 崇 / Build: 2006.01
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All the cover around me has disappeared.
I feel the light. I feel the light.
Oh my body is as light as air.
I seem to fly. I seem to fly.

光を感じる 光を感じる
飛べるよう 飛べるよう

How will I be thought of? How will I look?
I don't care. I won't care.
Good-bye to the puppeteer in my heart.
I am here. I am here.

私をどう思うかしら? どんな風に見えるかしら?
そんなこと気にしない もう気にしない
私はここにいる 私はここにいる

Without any vanity and any pride
I still dance. I still dance.
I'm free to go anywhere I like.
To any land. To any place.

私は踊る 私は踊る
どんな国にも どんな場所にも